The Maintenance Plan

We begin with a comprehensive maintenance inspection and documentation of your home and major appliances. 

Our inspector produces a written report for you based on our findings, and identifies:
  1. Items that need immediate attention in order to keep your home properly maintained, healthy, safe and secure. 
  2. A recommended maintenance programme based on your lifestyle, needs and expectations.
  3. A five year projection of major maintenance issues likely to occur in your home.
  4. Upon your approval, we schedule the immediate repair and maintenance items that were identified in the inspection.
  5. Upon your approval, we schedule the routine and seasonal maintenance items that your home needs.
  6. We call you in advance of the next scheduled appointment and confirm the appointment.  We also check to see if there are any maintenance or repair concerns that you may have so that we are properly equipped for the service call.
  7. We always provide you with a detailed report of the work that was done.  
A comprehensive maintenance plan for your residence should:

  • be designed to meet the needs and expectations of your lifestyle and budget,
  • take your home's age and condition into consideration,
  • include all items requiring routine inspection, replacement or testing,
  • take care of all seasonal maintenance items,
  • provide forecasts for approaching major maintenance issues for budget planning.