How We Work


We are residential maintenance specialists.  We know about houses, and the things that can go wrong with them.  We know how to do the maintenance that it takes to keep them in top shape.

Scheduled Maintenance

Every home needs routine and seasonal maintenance.  Homeowners benefit from this by having a safer, healthier and more energy efficient residence.  The maintenance plan we develop for your home is unique to your home and your needs.

Professional Service

If you have a repair that is beyond our expertise or license, we will obtain estimates from qualified trades partners on your behalf.  We can coordinate and supervise the work, and we can ensure proper completion and clean-up is done before approving their invoice for payment.


We rely on home maintenance guidelines established by the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC.)  All employees must pass a criminal record check.  To protect our clients, we are fully insured for liability and worker's safety.


We supply clear documentation of all work we do, our inspection reports, maintenance plans and all recommendations.  We write detailed invoices that clearly state all work done and materials used.  We provide you with a Home Maintenance Record Binder for organized storage of the maintenance documents.