During normal business hours, we use a simple approach to charging for our services:
  1. We bill for our time in 1 minute increments.  There is no minimum charge.  You only pay for the time we spend working for you.
  2. We charge for all materials and expenses that we incur on your behalf.
  3. We provide you with a detailed invoice with all charges clearly identified.
  4. We use a web-based tracking system that our technicians access by cell phone for instant and accurate tracking of time, location, costs and activities.

Standard Rates   

Home Maintenance Technician:
$1.00 per minute, per technician
$0.60 per km, plus technician time

HST will be added to the invoice


You have the right to know exactly what goods and services you are paying for, and we have the responsibility of making that information available and accurate.

Details about the job we do for you is recorded through our tracking system.  We provide a copy of this information with every invoice.

Click the link below to see an example of a job report for a gutter cleaning and repair job.