Renovation Gallery

Here's a sampler of some of our more colourful renovation work where we provided the creative design for the project... and we did the construction and finishing too!          

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Bold paint and solid, contrasting trim combine to make a dramatic room.

pocket door

Pocket (sliding) door with bevelled edge mirror.  Door frame trim with simple medallions.  Custom textured paint on wall. 

window detail

Window trim with a wide ledge and simple medallions.  Custom textured paint on the wall.

 Kitchens can be lively and colourful too!


Re-surfaced counter top, hand-made ceramic tile and wood accents brighten this kitchen.
Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) mouldings are inexpensive, very easy to work with and look great, but sometimes only real wood will do.

These are some examples of finishing work done by us in solid wood

crown molding

Crown moulding on a kitchen cabinet.

window trim

Door and window details in vertical grain fir. 

Water is probably the biggest enemy of houses.  It is logical that the wettest room in the house is probably the one most needing  maintenance and repair.  

Here are some bathroom renovations we designed and built.


Custom vanity and a colourful ceramic tile back splash and textured paint on the wall.

curvy vanity

A refinished vanity with a curvy top, back splash and mirror.

The bathroom is a great place to make a statement with colour and style.
soaker tub

A soaker tub surrounded by whimsy and colour. 


Changing paint is one of the the easiest and least expensive ways to change the appearance of the room.  
This might be a fresh coat of classic white, or maybe a colourful accent wall or trim.  We can get creative with paint too.  Textured paint techniques add interest to a room. 

textured paint

cave painting
Personalize your space with a bit of wall art.  Maybe a cave painting or a lurking tropical fish.
fish mural

Sometimes the project requires a bit more brute force, but design and attention to detail is still important.

There was a problem with an improperly graded sewer line at this house. 

We dug up 50 feet of sanitary drain and re-laid it with a proper slope.  

damp proofing

While the foundation was exposed, we re-did the damp proofing, installed foundation insulation and added perimeter drains.  Once the excavation was back-filled, compacted and graded we re-planted the lawn.
When we are designing, drawings are an essential part of the communication with our clients.  

Drawings are also critical when we are building.
bath plan

Bathroom renovation plan.

Our philosophy is:
"You can't build it if you can't draw it."